Cook Redlands, the new olive oil giant on the east coast of the United States.

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In MANZANO FLOTTWEG we start this 2020 preparing the delivery of what will be one of the most important projects of this 2020. At least, it will surely be the most important in America. Cook Redlands Inc is a project of a French giant, the Bolloré Group, with investments in the shipping, audio visual and paper sectors, among others. In fact, the group has extensive experience in the agri-food sector with hundreds of thousands of hectares of other crops around the world.

Cook Redlands has started with no less than 2000 ha of super intensive olive groves in the state of Georgia, USA. The crops date from March 2017 and include a total of eight different varieties from the west coast of the country. It is in this area of North America where the largest olive groves and oil mills are located. However, Cook Redlands’ vocation is precisely to become the largest olive grove east of the Rocky Mountains.

Cook Redlands’ vocation is to become the largest olive grove in the east of the Rocky Mountains.

The location of the estates not only makes it the big producer of the East Coast. The climatology will allow an extremely advanced harvest with respect to the rest of the producers of the northern hemisphere. Thus, the milling of 80% of its production will take place in very early stages of fruit maturity and with the entire market waiting for the new season.

The project is completed with a visitor center that will be a reference in the area for tourists and school groups that allows to see from the second floor all the oil mill and the storage.

The oil mill project will be carried out in several phases. Manzano Flottweg will be the supplier of both the part corresponding to the extraction of the olive oil (from the mill area to the shipment to the storage) and the decantation and the storage. Only the first phase is already the most important project we have carried out and is being developed in conditions of collaboration and trust with the client that we deeply appreciate.

Manzano Flottweg will be the supplier of both the olive oil extraction the decantation and the storage.

The oil mill has been designed to obtain oil of the highest quality from reception to the storage. The choice of each point in the process reflects this objective as a matter of priority. The grinding is oversized to avoid temperature increase and the resulting emulsion in saturated mills. The installation of Manzano Flottweg thermo-accelerators prior to the rubbing for a quick and efficient control of the desired temperature. Thermobeater with heating in indirect heating system (or water bath) for greater efficiency and temperature control. The first stage is equipped with two Z6E-4/404, Flottweg machine with Impeller for a simple, immediate, and full speed rotor configuration. The AC-1500 separators have as standard the soft-shot system which, together with the CIP system, considerably lengthens the time between maintenance stops. It includes the addition of both cold and hot water at all points of the process to suit the climatic conditions required by the customer. The whole process is controlled both from the frame room and from different totems in the factory and remotely.

Aware that extraction has the same importance as subsequent selection, decanting and preservation in the final packed result, Cook Redlands has designed its storage with Manzano equipment, in stainless steel, manufactured in a fully robotized manner and with a highly flexible piping and pumping configuration and allowing easy maintenance. More than 4000 tons of total storage in a temperature-controlled room throughout the year.

Manzano Flottweg is supported in this project by Flottweg US, the delegation that the German manufacturer has in Independence, Kentucky.

Cook Redlands Inc, as a member of a large industrial group is aware of the importance of after-sales service: incident resolution, spare parts supply and preventive repairs are essential. In this sense, the Manzano Flottweg alliance is supported in this project by Flottweg US, the delegation that the German manufacturer has in Independence, Kentucky. A few hours from the mill, it has 5000 m2 fully equipped facilities for rotor review and 50 employees that support all North America. The American delegation of Flottweg has turned to the project, aware of the potential market represented by olive oil, with growing plantations in all the states of the Southern United States.

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