Our company is specialized in stainless steel and machinery manufacturing for olive oil extraction plants. Our brand is recognized for the quality in the manufacture of storage, decanting and oil selection warehouses and our machinery is synonymous with reliability and innovation in 15 countries. We are a team composed of 65 young but experienced employees. Not for nothing, the average age does not exceed 40 years and yet the average age in the company exceeds 15 years.

Aware of the constant demand for quality of our customers, we make a determined effort in research and development, always aiming to achieve solutions that guarantee the maximum competitiveness, security and flexibility of the products we manufacture.

We offer to all our customers, because we understand that our work does not end in the sale, an efficient after-sales service, for commissioning, troubleshooting or any other queries we receive.

It will choose us if you are looking for advice, amplitude in the range, the best finishes, efficiency in production. You will receive service, agile response, peace of mind and seriousness.

We are looking for demanding customers who collaborate with us now and in the future.


years of quality and service

The company was founded in 1918 by Mr. Antonio Manzano Carpio,as a manufacturer of boilers for domestic use and repair of machinery in mills, with a market that was limited to the premises and those of nearby towns.

On his death in 1941, three of his sons, Miguel, Tomás and Luis take over the company. Over several decades the company expanded its facilities several times, its staff, to be one of the main suppliers of the big wineries of the 1960s built for regulatory warehouses, mills and refineries.

In the early 1990s,Calderería Manzano is no stranger to the crisis in the sector, and on the brink of disappearance is recast with a new shareholding in which the family business is associated with some of the employees of the company.

The adaption of the wineries of the sector to food regulations, manufacturing hundreds of them in stainless steel, the original design of piston pumps currently used for mass and pomjo in almost all large mills, as well as the entire line of auxiliary machinery of the extraction lines: thermobats, mills, vibrotamice manufactured for the main suppliers of lines of Extraction… resultining in business figures employing an average of 65 people.

The aspiration to maintain quality as the main technical requirement of their designs, having full autonomy in trade deal maintain one of the most agile and reliable after-sales services of the market for suppliers of the olive sector are the reasons why the company decides to become a supplier of complete olive oil extraction lines. As of January 1, 2017, MANZANO is the exclusive business representative of FLOTTWEG SE for the application of its technology in olive oil for Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Iran.


Growing up to give the best service

CALDERERIA MANZANO has facilities in two locations both in the province of Córdoba, in Bujalance and in Villafranca de Córdoba.

Bujalance is the company’s headquarters, and is the origin and center of MANZANO’s operations since 1918. In this location we manufacture machinery and the company is managed. We have 9000 m2 in total, distributed between shipping and receiving yards and 3000 m2 of facilities for manufacturing parts and assembling machinery. The almost 500 m2 of administrative offices, permanent machinery showroom, and warehouse and spare parts store for our customers have been completely renovated during 2016.

In Villafranca de Córdoba All tanks and decanters for olive oil supplied by the company are manufactured entirely since 2014, manufacturing line that until that moment shared facilities with the machinery in Bujalance. All the process machinery was completely renovated and the company then opted for the best technology available internationally. En 2015 y 2016, se han fabricado más de 300 depósitos anuales entregados en cinco países

Calderería Manzano, S.A
Extramuros, 123
14650 Bujalance (Cordoba)

Calderería Manzano, S.A
P.I. Dehesa de Cebrián
C/ El Carpio, 4 and 5
14420 Villafranca (Cordoba)

Tlf: +34 957 170 225
Fax: +34 957 170 112


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