Complete olive oil extraction process

The extraction of the olive oil it supplies CALDERERIA MANZANO it’s a mechanical process. It is separated from the pulp and bone by centrifugal decanting. The set of elements that make up the process have different functions:

Crush the olive to turn it into olive paste.

Prepare the olive dough for separation.

Separate the oil from the olive pomwell.

Decanting by centrifugation the oil once again to remove the water and residues resulting from the process.

Separate the bone from the pomjo for use/sale as a by-product of the process.

Elementos de una línea completa de extracción de aceite son los siguientes:

Olive crusher mill. MT Series Manzano

In CALDERERIA MANZANO a hammer mill, is part of our manufacturing range, evolving for several decades. Most of them sold through third parties although they are designed, manufactured and installed by us.

The crushing mill is a machine normally considered the beginning of the extraction line of olive oil, since although it receives olives like the rest of the machines in the reception of the mill, it actively participates in the transformation of the fruit and its preparation for the horizontal decantation by centrifugation. The product obtained in the milling is olive paste. Its operation, at 3,000 rpm consumes between 22.5 and 60 kW of power per unit, depending on the model.

Piston pumps for olive paste. PTM Series Manzano

Piston pumps of CALDERERÍA MANZANO, S.A. are an original design of the 1996 brand. We have more than 3000 equipment installed in 15 countries. At present, a modern factory is not conceived that does not transport its mass and pomace with this type of pump.

  • Robust and simple in its design.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Great pumping flow.
  • Compliance with food regulations.

Thermomalaxer for olive paste. TMH Series Manzano

The thermomalaxer is often considered one of the most important machines in the extraction line due to its size in the plant and its cost. However, the importance of the thermomalaxer goes much further. It is a crucial step for an optimal oil separation.

It must meet specifications that determine its capacity, the heat transfer area, the number of linear meters that the blades that lacerate the fat cells suppose, as well as comply with the food processing and safety regulations both during the process and during cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

In CALDERERIA MANZANO must meet specifications that determine its capacity, the heat transfer area, the number of linear meters that the blades that lacerate the fat cells suppose, as well as comply with the food processing and safety regulations both during the process and during cleaning and maintenance of the machine. We manufacture thermomalaxers for continuous process or batch system lines from 1000 kg up to 30,000 kg.

Decanter Horizontal Flottweg

Flottweg es uno de los principales proveedores de tecnología de separación sólido – líquido en todo el mundo. Fue una de las primeras marcas en introducir a primeros de los 70 el decanter en la separación del aceite de oliva. Con sede en Vilsbiburg, en el corazón industrial de Alemania, cuenta con un equipo de 850 empleados y tienen entre sus clientes a los principales grupos industriales y alimentarios del mundo. Su vocación de innovación permanente le ha llevado desde su fundación en 1932 a patentar sistemas y mejoras que contribuyen a convertir su maquinaria en una de las mejores del mercado.

Innovaciones técnicas como el SIMP-DRIVE® que facilita una regulación automática de la velocidad diferencial del sinfín en función de la carga, el rodete excéntrico para el ajuste de la descarga entre fases en continuo y durante la operación, el estudiado diseño del sinfín o la sofisticada protección antidesgaste de las piezas clave hacen del decanter FLOTTWEG sin duda, una de las mejores máquinas del mercado.

Peripheral equipment. The right elements for the operation of your FLOTTWEG machines.

Pomace evacuator.

In replacement of the old pomace reception pits, the pomace evacuator manufactured by MANZANO FLOTTWEG, is a stainless steel hopper that incorporates an injector to transport the pomace to the PTM series pomace suction pump. It has a small gate for sampling pomace.

Vibrating sieve for liquids.

The MANZANO vibrating sieve is a deposit that incorporates a tray that is a vibrant sieve, which allows to separate the larger fines that are in suspension in the olive oil at the outlet of the horizontal decanter and before the entry into the separator, both FLOTTWEG machines.

Decanter tank for separator FLOTTWEG.

The oil in the outlet of the FLOTTWEG vertical centrifuge is poured into a double-cup decanter tank made entirely of stainless steel by MANZANO


The FLOTTWEG separator is a centrifugal decanter that operates at many more revolutions per minute than the horizontal decanter, which makes it the right machine to separate very fine solids, as well as to separate liquids of different density. This separation is crucial since the solids and water not separated can cause defects in the oil in the cellar, and therefore the vertical centrifuge is installed after the horizontal separation and before the storage of the finished oil.

As in the horizontal decanter, in the vertical centrifuge FLOTTWEG has patented innovations, the main one being the SOFT SHOT® system. This solids discharge system allows any combination of partial and total discharges with maximum precision.

Pulp – pit separator. SH Series Manzano

Olive oil producers face a more global, more competitive sector each year, where efficiency in the process is the key to success. It is essential to monetize the by-products of the olive. The olive pit can self-supply the boiler of the plant and its surplus be a product of the mill, highly valued as domestic and industrial biomass in recent years.

MANZANO designs and manufactures the SH series, which obtains a pit in excellent conditions of cleanliness and humidity, very remarkable among the machinery available in the market.

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