Storage of Olive Oil

Olive Oil Storage

MANZANO is one of the most important manufacturers of stainless steel tanks in the olive oil sector. Decades of experience and the highest manufacturing technology internationally allow us to offer the widest range of stainless steel tanks manufactured automatically, with impeccable finishes and with the ability to deliver and install them anywhere in the world.

Stainless steel tanks manufactured mechanized up to 215 T capacity per tank.

The widest range of capacities in three types of deposits:

  • Stainless steel inclined flat bottom tanks
  • Stainless steel conical bottom with stainless steel bech tanks
  • Stainless steel conical bottom with legs tanks

Custom designed stainless steel tanks. The key is in the accessories.

  • Nitrogen injection ring for mixing batches of olive oil.
  • Nitrogen injection ring and hermetic valve for conservation in inert atmosphere.
  • Elbow decanter for discharge.
  • Level indicator made of stainless steel without adhesives or enamels.
  • Registration door with food grade joint.
  • Numbered stainless support for documents, with or without the customer’s customized logo.
  • Stainless steel sampling tap.
  • Coil for internal heating.

Decanting and selection of oils

Decanting is a purely physical process by which oil is separated from water and impurities that have not yet been separated after the extraction process. However, each project deserves expert advice that allows to properly define the number of decanters, the type of decanter, their dimensions, etc.

For its part, the selection of oils is a step before the winery that can convert an inefficient installation, in one that allows to safely separate qualities and varieties so that the right oil is transferred to the winery in each tank.

Decanter deposits or conical decanters.

The widest range of capabilities in two types of decanters:

  • Trunk decanters – conical.
  • Stainless steel deposits of Conical Bottom Legs.

Custom designed stainless steel tanks. In the accessories is the key.

  • Nitrogen injection ring to mix consignments of olive oil.
  • Nitrogen injection ring and airtight valve for inert atmosphere preservation.
  • Decanter elbow for discharge takeover.
  • Level indicator made of stainless steel without adhesives or enamels.
  • Registration mouth with food board.
  • Numbered stainless steel support for documents, with or without custom customer logo.
  • Stainless steel sampler faucet.
  • Coil for internal heating.

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Auxiliary equipment for wineries

The best designed wineries can be converted into a poor winery if in the day to day it does not have the proper maintenance and cleanliness. In today’s food quality demanding environment in high-production mills, cleaning must be efficient, fast and safe.

LD-200 equipment: Clean stainless steel tanks effectively and safely

Every winery must be complemented by the best large capacity stainless steel tank cleaning machine.

  • Efficient. Cleaning with pressing water up to 12 meters high.
  • Fast. Indispensable if the product has different qualities or varieties.
  • Sure. Operator manoeuvres from outside the tank.

Two job options:

  • Cleaning with tube and diffuser ball.
  • Cleaning with portable pressure water projector.

RP-200 equipment: Large wineries need agile purging

When a facility consists of a relatively large number of tanks, collecting purges can take time.

The RP-200 collects the product, pumps it into a portable container where it accumulates them. The same pump then evacuates the liquid where deemed appropriate.

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