R&D project: Extraction lines for large productions. Finished 1st phase.

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The Z8E is the largest Z series machine for the olive sector

In recent years we have seen a radical and unstoppable change in the mills to adapt to the big productions. The times that demand the crops of an increasingly automated olive grove, the optimisation of oil-mill times for the production of quality oils or the new large-scale oil mills push the sector to install an entire extraction process that drastically reduces times while multiplying several times the quantity processed olive.

However, while the producer has sometimes limited himself to changing some machines for larger ones, as the capacity of the line increases the limitations of current factories become more evident. It is not just a question of installing a Decanter that processes 10, 15 or 20 actual tons of olives. The product flow must be stable throughout the process, from the reception in the hoppers to the storage.

R&D project: Optimization of the production capacity.

In this analysis, from Manzano we have involved Flottweg to turn the development teams of both companies into a process of testing and design that began in 2018 and that after many hours invested is bearing its first fruits. After months of intense work on the basis of machines and previous planning and design, the first phase of the project dedicated to the optimization of the Z8E model in this case for the extraction industry has just been completed, which has made it possible to carry out real tests in the absence of olives for first extraction.

The Z8E is a 770 mm diameter bowl or drum Decanter with a weight of 14 tons. A machine widely tested with success in other agro-food and industrial sectors for which Manzano Flottweg has bet as a solution to the demand for large production extraction lines. In this first phase of development, with several months of design and 9 weeks of tests the machine has reached 42 tons per hour, stable and with very good results in terms of performance. Over a million pounds a day. Reproductor de vídeo00:0000:34

(In the video the Z8 in tests simultaneously processing the mass received from two feed pumps: one at more than 20,000 kg / h and the other at almost 22,000 kg / h. In total 42 tn / h – 1008 tn / 24h)

Next phases of the project.

Then begins the second phase in which the team formed by Manzano and Flottweg will optimize the complete extraction process from grinding to the storage for lines that will process more than 300 tons per day and more than 600 tons per day of olive at first extraction. Several tests that will analyze very different ripening points, varieties with the infinity of configurations allowed by the Flottweg machinery.

In the last phase of the project, the continuous review will be the objective of the team, thus defining the complete range of products and their configuration for the entire sector. Not just at Decanter level, heart of the process. In parallel, several tests on grinding, beating, vertical centrifugation and pumping are planned. A whole new process for the world olive sector.

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