Pulp - pit separator. SH Series Manzano

Olive oil producers face a more global, more competitive sector each year, where efficiency in the process is the key to success. It is essential to monetize the by-products of the olive. The olive pit can self-supply the boiler of the plant and its surplus be a product of the mill, highly valued as domestic and industrial biomass in recent years.

MANZANO designs and manufactures the SH series, which obtains a pit in excellent conditions of cleanliness and humidity, very remarkable among the machinery available in the market.

Calderería Manzano, S.A
Extramuros, 123
14650 Bujalance (Cordoba)

Calderería Manzano, S.A
P.I. Dehesa de Cebrián
C/ El Carpio, 4 and 5
14420 Villafranca (Cordoba)

Tlf: +34 957 170 225
Fax: +34 957 170 112


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