Peripheral equipment. The right elements for the operation of your FLOTTWEG machines.

Pomace evacuator.

In replacement of the old pomace reception pits, the pomace evacuator manufactured by MANZANO FLOTTWEG, is a stainless steel hopper that incorporates an injector to transport the pomace to the PTM series pomace suction pump. It has a small gate for sampling pomace.

Vibrating sieve for liquids.

The MANZANO vibrating sieve is a deposit that incorporates a tray that is a vibrant sieve, which allows to separate the larger fines that are in suspension in the olive oil at the outlet of the horizontal decanter and before the entry into the separator, both FLOTTWEG machines.

Decanter tank for separator FLOTTWEG.

The oil in the outlet of the FLOTTWEG vertical centrifuge is poured into a double-cup decanter tank made entirely of stainless steel by MANZANO

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