Flottweg decanter and Tricanter®

Flottweg is one of the leading suppliers of solid-liquid separation technology worldwide. It was one of the first brands to introduce the decanter in the separation of olive oil in the early 70s. Based in Vilsbiburg, in the industrial heart of Germany, it has a team of 850 employees and its customers include the main industrial and food groups in the world. Its vocation for permanent innovation has led it since its founding in 1932 to patent systems and improvements that contribute to turning its machinery into one of the best in the market.

Technical innovations such as the SIMP-DRIVE® that facilitates automatic regulation of the differential speed of the rotor as a function of the torque, the eccentric impeller for the adjustment of the discharge between phases in continuous and during operation, the studied design of the scroll or the sophisticated anti-wear protection of the key parts make the FLOTTWEG decanter undoubtedly one of the best machines on the market. FLOTTWEG without a doubt, one of the best machines on the market.

Elements of a complete oil extraction line are as follows:


Olive crusher mill. MT Series Manzano


Piston pumps for olive paste. PTM Series Manzano


Thermomalaxer for olive paste. TMH Series Manzano


Pumps for injection of olive paste. BMM / S Manzano Series


Flottweg decanter and Tricanter®

Peripheral equipment. The right elements for the operation of your FLOTTWEG machines.

Helical stator pumps for oil. BMA / S Apple Tree Series



Separator FLOTTWEG


Pulp – pit separator. SH Series Manzano



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